President Clinton called a key meeting with leading Bible scholars getting new day from JUL-twenty seven

President Clinton called a key meeting with leading Bible scholars getting new day from JUL-twenty seven

The 1997-JUL-31 issue of the newest Weekly World Information stated that the biggest end around the globe frighten as Cuban missile drama try circulating through Arizona. A private Pentagon memo started this new frighten; it predicts a major international cataclysm of unprecedented proportions. Disturbance interest is found on a growth and will top at seasons-end; the newest earth’s crust was moving forward ominously.

The new Vortex of Celebrity out of David spiritual sect out of Luskville, Quebec are quoted (2) because the predicting the end of the nation towards the Friday, MAR-8. A father, Jean Leon Marcoux, are questioned; he had been alarmed given that his pupils could be checking out their mother in the sect’s commune on that weekend. He approached the new Quebec police however, try incapable of make them for taking any action. A representative toward sect stated that they don’t have an excellent doomsday circumstances.

A beneficial Jewish group, called the Forehead Mount and you will Home out of Israel Loyal Course were likely to make an effort to place the foundation off a new forehead for the Forehead Mount in Jerusalem. This will be a small little bit of real estate that’s the most sacred room all over the world in order to Jews, and one of the most sacred so you’re able to Muslims. New Rapture Able home-page has actually predicted that “Tribulation” could well be triggered by you to definitely skills. Prior initiatives got hit a brick wall often on account of riots, otherwise police step. There’s one claim that they were attending attempt to airlift the fresh new brick from the helicopter now. Towards the October-20, several thousand police were implemented while in the Jerusalem; it effectively averted usage of the brand new Forehead Mount.

Numerology: Since the 666 times about three equals 1998 people point out that it years as actually a beneficial prophetically significant 12 months. I had individuals know me as long distance simply so they you certainly will give for me it earth shattering news.

An excellent Taiwanese cult operating out of Garland Tx predict Christ would come back towards Mar 31 out of 1998. Brand new group’s frontrunner, Heng-ming Chen, launched God manage come back, after which ask the fresh new cult professionals aboard an effective UFO. The team abandoned their 2nd coming forecast whenever a precursor kone french feel didn’t happen. Brand new cult’s commander said Jesus would seem for each station 18 of any Television globally. Maybe Jesus know at the eleventh hour, new Playboy Circle try channel 18 toward numerous wire systems, in which he failed to desire Christians enjoying a porno route.

Towards the Annual percentage rate 31, 1998 – whenever Israel could well be decades 50 – The new tribulation you certainly will start. The brand new need for it day has to do with God’s many years need for priesthood, that is between 29-fifty.

Israel grew up in 1948, add the fifty weeks and also you put together 1998

Marilyn Agee in her publication “The end of this” keeps their unique landscapes set on Can get 30, 1998. Agee searches for the brand new Rapture to take place toward Pentecost including known as the meal regarding weeks. A separate sign is that the Holy Heart failed to come abreast of the newest up until fifty months off Christ’s resurrection ahead of descending towards Church. Whether it prophecy goes wrong, numerology have a tendency to draw by itself among the extremely unsound approach from foretelling but many repeated. Immediately following her Will get 30 rapture go out failed, Agee, lacking the ability to confront their mistake, proceeded their own time setting that with certain scripture sources so you can pointing to June seven, fourteen, and you can 21.

It time often end the brand new 6000 12 months stage from the time away from Adam

Centro try a very active religious business, mainly created about Philippines. It expect your world will come so you’re able to an end when you look at the 1998. It advise that its followers haven to secure locations.

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President Clinton called a key meeting with leading Bible scholars getting new day from JUL-twenty seven

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